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In the Ozark Mountains

A note from Lars and Anne:

The journey of these past few years could easily have been "very crooked and steep"-- leaving Michigan, getting the crazy idea of unicycling across the country, and then extending that idea to a 50-state ride with our whole family.

Instead of inconquerable challenge, we feel instead as though we've been "falling into good hands," on each step of the journey. From sharing the home of Karl and Deb and Kaj on Whidbey Island, to the thousands of miles pedaled, to the thousands of words written, we have found help and encouragement for each step of the way.

Whether you're a longtime friend, or have just now surfed to ONE WHEEL for the first time, we are thankful for the web of kindness and care that has come our way in such overwhelming measure.

We begin a new journey now, this journey with STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA. We intend it as a way to continue sharing adventure and encouraging others onto the crooked and steep paths that are filled with care and kindness.

We hope you'll enjoy this website, and we invite you to order a copy of ONE WHEEL - MANY SPOKES for your home.  Please accept our thanks.

With all best wishes,

Lars and Anne Clausen (KariAnna and Kai too)



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