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Pacific Lutheran University has not stopped praising your name and your story this week. Thank you.

Laura Chrissis
Event Coordinator, Wild Hope Project
Pacific Lutheran University

"Your compelling stories and sense of genuine presence invited others to explore their own life-stories in new ways. Your talks on "Finding Your Life at the Side of the Road" and "Straight Into Gay America" generated rich reflection and discussion around hospitality, peace and justice, community, vocation, social change, and much more...We hope you found your time here as refreshing, provocative, and insightful as we did!"

Chris Johnson,
Director, Center for Vocational Reflection
Gustavus Adolphus College


Lars Clausen is

  • the first person to ever unicycle through all 50 states
  • the first person to ever unicycle over 200 miles in a 24-hour period. 

His discovery, though, was less about amazing records, and more about everyday hospitality and compassion.  Along the highways of America, Clausen inspired many people toward their own dreams. 

As an author, Clausen receives a steady stream of e-mails sharing the impact of ONE WHEEL - MANY SPOKES for readers' life choices.

As a speaker, Clausen works with program coordinators to "bring the ride home" and offer inspring events.  His favorite themes include:

  • the value of our dreams and hopes
  • the power we can gain from our fears and our failures
  • finding courage to step into our life's journey

Clausen's wide experience, ranging from engineering to ministry, and from unicycling to authoring, allows him to relate effectively with a wide range of audiences.  Popular with all ages,  Clausen also has cross-cultural experience which featured strongly in his ride through the 50 states.  Depending on the needs of the audience, Clausen can speak from his experiences,

  • in traditional cultures, including Inupiat Eskimo people in Nome, Alaska
  • inside and outside of church structures
  • from the active life of riding to reflecting on the ancient traditions of compassion

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