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Inupiat Focus

Inupiat Ivory Art

Over $200,000
Besides pedaling through every state in the country, the focus of the 50-state tour centered on raising awareness about Inupiat Eskimo life on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska. Lars and Anne Clausen served a congregation in Nome, sharing in the life of the people and the ministry of this land.  During the unicycle ride, some $200,000 dollars was raised toward the Seward Peninsula Endowment Fund.

Contribute to the Endowment
A $5,000,000 endowment campaign is currently underway to provide for the century-old Lutheran ministries on the Seward Peninsula.  Lars and Anne are committed to this endowment fund for one simple reason: It gives full authority to the native people to use this money for the emphases they deem most important.  The funds will be used to support ministry in this arctic environment,and the choices will be made by the people whose roots go back 12,000 years into this land.
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(Endowment fund assets are managed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation)

Following are links to excerpts from the book, ONE WHEEL - MANY SPOKES: USA by Unicycle.  These excerpts share a taste of our concern and our experiences of riding through Native America.

Anyone who has studied American history knows that life has been neither fair nor easy for Native Americans.  The Clausens experienced this up close when they lived in Nome.  On the tour, as they traveled through many native lands, they experienced even more of the losses that Native people have suffered. The Seward Peninsula endowment won't solve all the problems that people face, but it goes a step in the right direction by honoring the wishes and decisions of the traditional people of the land.  Thankfully, the value of the endowment now exceeds $500,000, and gifts are still gratefully received.





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