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Seward Peninsual Lutheran Endowment

Funding Goal
The funding goal for the endowment is $5,000,000. When the fund was established in the mid-1990's the initial value was approximately $40,000. Work by many people, including the congregations of the Seward Peninsula, has increased the fund value to over $500,000 by the beginning of 2005. Gifts have ranged from $20 to $100,000. All support is welcome.

As you learn about the Seward Peninsula Ministry and the value of the endowment fund, we invite you to join the many who are making gifts to the Seward Peninsula Lutheran Endowment Fund. Gifts and sponsorships are both tax deductible.

Fund Management
The Seward Peninsula Lutheran Endowment Fund is managed by the ELCA Foundation, a 501c3 organization. You can learn more about the Foundation, the assets they manage, and how to make gifts, by contacting them. Contact information is given below.

Making a Gift

Call the ELCA at 1-800-638-3522 and ask for Marlys Waldo, in the Division for Outreach.  You'll get all the information you need to help support this vital ministry.

Mailing address:

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
c/o ELCA Foundation
8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631

Please make your check written to:  Seward Peninsula Endowment

Thank You for your support!



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