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Update for Eyes Wide Open 6/20
Jun 20, 2006

Hello folks,

The good news:
We're approved to have our potluck picnic, concert and remarks at Riverwalk Park Pavilion on the evening of July 25th, following the daylong Eyes Wide Open exhibition of Iraq war boots.

The pending news:
We put our request in to City Hall to display boots at the corner of Woodin and Emerson.  After a week we heard back and got the forms we needed and filled them out in a few minutes.  Back three days later I learned that the City Administrator needs to approve the permit, and he's gone for two weeks.

This puts us tight up against the July 25th event date before we'll have our location confirmed.

I'm suggesting--we start our media work advertising the location as pending city approval. If it doesn't come through, we'll have signs on the corner the day of July 25th, announcing wherever we have the exhibit.

Fallback--Anne and Lars will seek approval to use Riverwalk Park Pavilion for the full day.  If we can get that permit, we'll at least have a place.

Other Options--If folks have other suggestions and will confirm availability of these venues, we'll pass around options.

We've received $50 from Chelan's Friends Meeting.  Thank you.  We need another $200 to meet the setup fee that Eyes Wide Open seeks to cover a bit of their costs.  Checks can be made to American Friends Service Committee and given to Anne or Lars Clausen in advance or brought to the event on July 25th.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome. We'll take input, make a plan and move forward.  I'd been waiting to send out this note, expecting location approval to happen any day. Bummer on the delay, but we'll figure out a good solution, I'm sure. The building owners at all four corners are open to us gathering at the corner of Woodin and Emerson.  If not there, somewhere else.

Thanks for your interest and support of the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit.

lars @

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