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Eyes Wide Open - June 28
Jun 28, 2006


Here's where we're headed:

  1. Tell People: From now until July 25th, it's all about getting word out.  Press.  Organizations.  Friends.  Give publicity your time and attention and we'll have a great event.  Read on for resources.

  2. Muscle Work: We need volunteers to setup, staff, and tear down the exhibit and the picnic/concert on the 25th.  Mark your calendar for as much of this day as you can spare.  Contact Lars ( with what times you can be available.

  3. Music: Thanks to Rolf Vegdahl for helping organize our evening at Riverwalk Pavilion.  Call him to help make thisan outstanding evening. 509-687-6337

And here's where we're at:

The Wenatchee exhibit will be on the 26th of July, the day following our Chelan exhibit.  Peggy Love is coordinating the setup there.  The display will be in Memorial Park (near the library) from 10 am - 6 pm with music following the event.

Rotary Club:
Scott Aaseng (who is bringing the exhibit to Chelan) will be the guest of Rotary at their Tuesday meeting.  Thanks to Barbara Koenig for organizing this opportunity.

Exhibit Flyers are now translated into Spanish. Thank you to Mike Travers.  Flyers include both Chelan and Wenatchee event information. If you see any corrections, let me know and I can make changes.

Do we have outlets for the Spanish Language Press Release and FAQ? Perhaps we have volunteers to translate and to get this information to the right places?

Website Update: is now updated to include Wenatchee event information. You can download the above PDF files from this website page to spread word.

We're confirmed for the Riverwalk Pavilion for the evening of July 25th, and we have the park for a daytime backup. The City Administrator is on vacation so our permit request is still two weeks from a decision. If we can't exhibit at the corners of Woodin and Emerson, we'll create signs and direct viewers to the park.

AFSC asks a $250 fee to help with expenses.  Thanks to the Chelan Friends meeting, the the Manthey family, and to the Clausen family, each for $50 gifts. If we can generate more than $250 to give to AFSC, let's do it to support peace.

We're in that mushy pre-event time now when we don't know who's doing what, when, or how it's all going to come together. It's fine, but it will be good to nail down more specifics.

Please email Lars ( to tell me what you can offer

  1. Setup and teardown of the exhibit
  2. Staff the exhibit for some hours during the day
  3. Help with the potluck picnic. Food setup, etc.
  4. Thanks to Mark Tesh for setting up sound at the Pavilion!
  5. Publicize the event
  6. Tape up flyers in Manson and Chelan

Have a wonderful day,





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