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Eyes Wide Open is Today
Jul 25, 2006

I'm looking forward to the conversations and experiences of today.  Almost 6 a.m. as I send out this note.  In an hour-and-a-half we'll start setting out the display at the corner of Emerson and Woodin.

These boots today will represent many different feelings and thoughts to many different people; from thoughts about global politics to the personal loss of beloved family members.  Thank you for helping create this space to acknowledge people's experience of the Human Cost of War.

Blessings for this day,


If you have questions during the day, please call 293-0261.  If you want to help but haven't signed up yet, feel welcome to just show up.

Tomorrow the exhibit will move to Memorial Park in Wenatchee. Thank you to Peggy Love for her work in getting the exhibit ready there.

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