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Eyes Wide Open - A Soldier's Baby
Jul 17, 2006

HI friends,

He was home for three weeks, this young soldier.  It wasn't until yesterday morning that his wife went into labor, and then at 12:35 last night that his daughter, his first child was born.  He was sitting next to me on the 11:47 departure from Seattle, and, like me, he also lived a three-hour drive from the airport.

He got to see his baby nursing once before he left. In five months or so, he'll be back for another three weeks.  And then he'll probably sign up for another tour, so that his wife will have a better chance of staying home from Iraq.  Turns out she's also in the national guard.

One time Anne and I were apart for three months when I was doing my seminary training. Those were the hardest three months of our 16-year marriage.  The scale of separations and the number of separations and traumas of separations...I can't imagine.

These boots that come to Chelan, they will be powerful in ways that none of us can foresee.  Thanks for the growing list of helpers on July 25th. If you haven't called Anne yet and you've time to offer on the day, her cell number is 509-293-1815




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