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About Lars Clausen


After 6200 miles:
The Gulf of Mexico


  • A unique adventure
    • 9,136 miles through all 50 states
    • 2 Guinness World Records
    • 6-month family adventure
  • A powerful book
    • "[Clausen] has looked deeply into the heart of our country and has accomplished an adventure that will inspire us for years to come."
      Senator Bob Kerrey
  • A captivating speaker
    • "Your life, your choices, your priorities, your message and your ACTIONS all deserve as wide an audience as possible."
      Dr. Colleen Hacker
      U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Soccer Coach

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Lars Clausen took to the road and explored the United States in a way that TV journalist Charles Kuralt would have loved--a 50-state unicycle trip from the West Coast to the Statue of Liberty and back again. His spoke-by-spoke travels started with Inupiat Eskimos in Alaska and continued through Native American lands from coast to coast. Now with all the flavor of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Clausen shares the adventure and soulfulness of pedaling the roads of America in search of his country and himself. (Back Cover Copy)

Twenty years ago, just out of college, he heard the words, "THE SEARCH IS THE TREASURE, AND THE TREASURE IS THE SEARCH."  He still lives by those words, gathering experiences as an author, publisher, speaker, unicyclist, pastor, engineer, father, and husband.

Currently residing in Chelan, Washington, Lars Clausen works with American Author, creating websites for authors and publishers to share their work with the world.

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